Shanghai Qianshan Piping Technology Co., Ltd. (QSPT)

What a dynamic century, what an ever changing city.Shanghai, the biggest industrial city in China and famous for its excellent industrial products, where is the location of Shanghai Qianshan Piping technology Co., Ltd. The company is also full of vigor and ambition which has the whole world in view. With excellent brains, advanced management, quality product and feasible business model, it leads the development of piping prefabrication industry. Qianshan focuses on producing pipe prefabrication equipment and providing pipe prefabrication software and service, which has become a pipe prefabrication equipment manufacturer with best innovation ability, as well as pipe prefabrication software and service provider with best competitive power. Through continuous development growing, Qianshan Piping has come into being of as R & D, Manufacturing, Sales, Service and Management base etc in Shanghai Songjiang Headquaters, and as equipment production base In Shanghai Maogang Factory, and as pipe prefabrication base in Jiangsu Huaian Factory. Classic hardware equipment, outstanding clients team, high-quality expert team and strict quality control procedure guarantee the high quality of each product produced in Qianshan. From development domestic first pipe prefabrication production line to the invention of the first pipe prefabrication fast fit-up machine, from the completion of the first pipe prefabrication service project in incoming material shop to the first field pipe prefabrication service at domestic. Each equipment and each project is concentrated with great wisdom and unremiting efforts of people in Qianshan. It has more than 100 of proprietary technology and product patents, ISO:9001 quality management system certificate, CE certificate as well as emerging hi-tech enterprise in Shanghai. Under the leading of Mr. Qi, the people in Qianshan constantly head for glory one by one. Qianshan has not only stable product property and perfect service system, but also has many companies as cooperating partners, such as Oil & Gas, Petroleum (CNPC/PTR), Petrochemical (SINOPEC/KSS), Ocean/Marine/Onshore & Offshore Engineering(CNOOC/CNOEC), Chemical Engineering (CNCEC), Nuclear Plant Engineering (CNECC), Electric Power Engineering (China Thermal Power, China Hydroelectric, China Wind Power, State Grid), Metallurgy(MCC), Shipbuilding(CSIC/CSSC), Aerospace(CASC/CASIC) etc. Its products have been mass exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America among etc other nation and regions. While focusing on development, Qianshan provides possibly competitive treatment for staff and makes greater tax contributions to the local. We commit the mission posed by the age with sense of social responsibility of the enterprise. In the future, people in Qianshan will keep on working and innovation in an effort to provide more competitive pipe prefabrication integration solution for customers and create greater value for users, as well as realize commercialization and informatization of pipe prefabrication.

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