Solarmitra Projects Associates

At iNVENTURE solar mitra, we manufacture, consult and design custom energy demand solutions for the USA, South America, Africa and India We integrate and generate solutions for energy efficiency upgrades for homes and commercial buildings byProviding custom designs and consulting for RE, EE systems and hydroponic greenhouses for organic, high yield food and fodder. Promoting environment friendly values through effective and creative means. Collaborating and networking with NGOs, non-profits, corporations, institutions and individuals who share our concern and can help provide the best possible solutions. Working with local communities and site-specific targets. Educating the general public through workshops, conferences and public consciousness campaigns. Our most satisfied clients in field of neighborhood stores, factories, offices, health clubs, hospitals, lodge, hotel and restaurants, resorts clubs, fun park, water park, warehouses, religious community centre, schools, society buildings, shops, showroom and outdoor advertising agencies. Turn key solution for Solar Hydroponics Greenhouse for urbanites, educational institutes, hobbyists, organic farmers, cattle fodder and commercial cultivators. Our most popular solar products those clients have appreciated are: Grid tied Inverter with UL-CE, Ultra bright CFL lighting packs, Street Lighting system with intelligent Power Lamps, Hybrid power Water pumps, Solar disinfected desalinated clean water for human livestock, solar cooling AC, Cooler Warmers, Offshore power system, LED Home light pack with brightness regulator night lamp, mobile, Laptop handheld gadget Chargers, LED letters and box signage to save 90 percent electricity, solar Bill board hoardings, LED step light and road studs, Hybrid power pack, Green data centre concept, Anti-theft easy toMaintain solar power stations in remote area, solar ventilation system, DIY T5 retrofit tube light 12w, 22w 28w, solar backing drying, steam heat unit, intelligent power factor controllers panels, Telecom tower power system, Solar Radio Signal microwave Repeaters for railways telecom solar UPS system, Solar DTH TV Advertisement LCDs kit, solar emergency power back up and BIPV for corporate power and solar vehicles and Solar Battery charging stations, Energy savers for Water coolers; Bottle coolers; window and split air conditioners; water chilling towers, AC DC Drives for HVAC and motive power products, Banking UPS solar retrofit kit, Solar Power Plants, Animal waste food waste based Bio energy fertilizer, CBG Cylinders to name few.We now provide SOLAR POWER PLANT END TO END solution right from Resource assessment to LAND PURCHASE, N.A., SOLAR PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, SOLAR EPC AND AMC