Shenzhenshi Mengxin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhenshi Mengxin Electronics Co., Ltd., established in the year 2006, has a brand CYL. Our company mainly focuses on the business of mobile phone accessories, such as chargers, silicone cases, TPU cases, etc. Quality is very important for the development of Mengxin. Our chargers have passed CE certification and comply with RoHS certificate. Our factories certified with ISO9001:2000 cover an area of over 5000 square meters and have more than 150 employees. Over 90% of our products have been sold to overseas countries. Moreover, we also provide OEM & ODM service, which enables us to better fulfill customers' specifications in a positive manner. Mengxin products, with high performance and stability, have been distributed throughout Mainland China, Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Taiwan, as well as many other countries and regions. Mengxin insists on adopting modern scientific management mode and improving the technology of the products to nurture and promote the healthy development of the battery industry, which enables us to constantly create high-quality products and solutions in the world of batteries and provide customers with value-added services. Mengxin will combine high technological competence, high quality products and deep studies with customers' designs. Mengxin will also be more flexible and professional on sales, production, support and logistics.