Smart Kids Furniture Limited

Smart Kids Furniture Limited solely manufactures children's furniture. To better cater to market demand, Smart Kids further define the products into a few categories which cover kids' furniture, teenager's furniture and other children's furniture. The core values that Smart Kids believe are good and excellent quality and great services. We understand that our consumers are parents but our end users are children. Therefore, we take high values for product safety and quality. Smart Kids' bunk beds comply with European standard. Our beds have been sent to SGS and TUV for testing. Our product quality and colors have successfully passed SGS and TUV tests. For every single product, Smart Kids significantly designs products based on various research that are related to children's health and children's growth. Therefore, there are always a few points which you can notice about Smart Kids' product. All Smart Kids products use bright and cheerful colors. Research shows that colorful colors will helps to stimulate children. For more beneficial purposes, Smart Kids uses objects that are closer to nature such as animals, plants, shapes, stationery, vehicles and others. When designing, we do not compromise safety issues. All products does not have acute angle. Our products have funky designs and trendy colors. It is ideal for kids to have their own sets of bedroom furniture. "Building a home for your kids; let them have sweet and memorable youth time" is our goal.