Shangqiu Kangmeida Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

Shangqiu Kangmeida Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and research of food additive, food additives has become a set of chain, sales, logistics and distribution, production in one group of companies. The company has an independent storage, R & D, sales network, after-sales service team. Since its establishment in October 1, 2000, set up branches around 4, professional and technical personnel 20 people, engineer 5 people, engineer 2 people, warehousing a total amount of about 36000000 yuan, food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials sales laid a solid technical foundation. We plan to regional development in China, the 40 branch, until towards the world. Jing Changren is willing to work with food production enterprises work together to create the food industry in the future. Main industries: food additives, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, feed additives, health products and other raw materials. Shangqiu Kangmeida Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception has been to provide quality, efficient service. Our service, make meticulously, price satisfaction, so rest assured that customer. " Customer-oriented", for customers to provide overall service; "to serve as the core", tailored to customers the most valuable products. " To the quality as the center of gravity", a full range of services to customers! In product sales, the interests of its clients is our first consideration, our service to the pursuit of fine, from the pre-sale consulting, enthusiastic service to the sale of the products, we require refined and fine. A strong design and development, manufacturing, installation commissioning, technical repair, not regularly visit, strict quality assurance and quick after-sales service, every aspect of all made careful arrangement, solve the customer a series of any menace from the "rear". The company strengthen exchanges and communication, is not only the hope to understand customer product evaluation, more important is to enter a" guide consumers, allows users to rest assured" service in new era! Realization of enterprises more efficient, low cost demand, improve the market reaction speed, speed up technological innovation, strict quality control, reduce production costs, so that consumers benefit, in the competition to grasp more market opportunities vary from minute to minute. For the society, for you to create greater value! We look forward to working with you for your cooperation, join hands in creating a brilliant performance, become the most intimate partners.