Shenzhen K-Better Electrical Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen K-Better Electrical Co., Ltd. engaged in PCB and PCB assembly manufacturing We provide following service to all of our customers: 1. PCB production service. Available on FR-4,TG150-180,Aluminum, FPC 2. PCB copy service 3. PCB assembly service. Available on SMT, BGA, DIP. 4. And Box build assemble. Available on Final Functional testing and final package 5. Electronic Component purchasing service Our company owns advanced circuit board production lines: digital control drilling machines, optical painting equipment, developing machines, spray tin machines, eclipse to engrave machines, testing machines, 60 tons of blunt press machines, whole electroplate production lines and self-provided environment processing engineering. With a complete series of excellent equipment, we have produced high-quality single, double and multilayer circuit boards. And our annual production is about 60000 square meters. And also with good assembly production line. SPEEDLINE Solder Paste Printer, Siemens SMD Mounter. SPEEDLINE Solder reflow machine etc. We welcome any PCB inquiries all over the world. You satisfaction is our success!