Shenzhen Jiarun Precision Stamping Mould Co., Ltd.

The Jiarun Precision stamping Die & Mould Co., Ltd established in 1997, is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China, and make unremitting efforts to develop, the plant now has 4,000 square meters, 60 workers, fixed assets of $ 2,000,000. We specialized in manufacturing motor core punching, motor core high-speed stamping dies, as well as various of metal stamping products. We have 25 - 125 tons of high-speed punch press, 5 sets of 60 to 30 - 200 tons pneumatic stepping punch, the WEDM, the CNC, water, grinders, milling machines and other various types of mold processing machines for quality is our key, so we are also equipped with a coordinate measuring instruments, video equipment, high degree of measuring instruments and other quality inspection equipment. In addition to sales in China, our products also successfully sold to the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Singapore, Japan and other countries. Your satisfaction,our pursuit.