Shanghai Jiajing Machinery Co., Ltd.
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  • Ms. Merry Zhang
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    86-21-68564488, 15921039980

Shanghai Jiajing Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of packaging machines, packaging materials and hydraulic machines. We have excellent engineers and technicians in R&D department. We have factories in Shanghai City and Nantong City. These factories can manufacture more than thousands sets of hydraulic machines. With adopted modem management experience and the advantages of technique, some products of our company have been exported to Japan, Europe and America. We can provide high quality and professional services to our customers. Our environmentally friendly machines can make live the garbage, industry garbage, and attain the classification with compress to handle, protect the living environment, and reduce the conveyance cost. They are societies to develop, and the business enterprise reduces conveyance with warehouse space of essential equipment. Now current supply is short of demand in Euro-American markets, so these products have great development space. The price of my company has strong competition ability in abroad markets. We sincerely welcome all clients to contact us.