Shenzhen Jiayimei Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiayimei Acrylic Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd Shenzhen Jiayimei Acrylic Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a specialized company in China, which deals in the processing, designing and manufacturing of plexiglas(Acrylic) products. Based on our business philosophy---consider everything for the clients' clients, our company has attracted many experienced engineers and technical personnel who have devoted themselves to the acrylic field for many years, trying our best to serve society. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the Jiayimei company has won unanimous approval and a good reputation from both regular and new clients with its advanced processing equipment (such as large platform cutting machines, laser cutting machines, etc.), superior product quality, reasonable prices and good faith. We are becoming one of the most acclaimed specialized companies in the field. In today's society where media is over used, as a novel advertisement and the image carrier, plexiglass (Acrylic) products give us an exclusive visual feeling because of their excellent plasticity and artistry. They are universally used as promotional products, as advertising gifts, are sent out as presents and to visualize brand products by more and more merchants. Thus Acrylic products have achieved an important and enviable position in society. The Jiayimei company will do its utmost to provide excellent services for our numerous clients while meeting the highest professional standards. We will actively cooperate with you to better promote your company image, keep costs to a minimum and provide the finest products! Product range: mechanical panels (cell phone exhibition stands, MP3, LCD TV, computer panels, etc.), product display stands (electronic digital display products, cosmetics display stands, display boxes, showcases, crystal round covers, candy boxes, bread boxes, etc.), light boxes (blister light boxes, hexagon rotating light boxes, round rotating light boxes, etc.), boutiques (distribution cards, authorization cards, medals, trophies, craft gifts, etc.), material stands, price tags, POP cards, table cards, crystal words, card cases, property signs, laser cutting services, CNC engraving processing, etc. Craft range: laser cutting, CNC engraving, board cutting, model creating, polishing, painting, sandblasting, bending, seamless hot-pressing, bonding, screen printing, four-color screen printing. We are pioneers in researching and extending the application of plexiglass (Acrylic) products. We look forward to your visit to our factory and the opportunity to consult on you needs!