Sunstar Jewelry and Accessories Store

Our store is located in the Hometown of Well-Known Ma Zu (Goddess of Sea), on the seashore of Back Sea and at the foot of Tianyundong Mountain -- a tourist attraction. With a decade of endeavored operation, our store is growing in high speed. Our business has been in continuous expansion. Our store has Dongguan Sunstar Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. and Sunstar Jewelry Ornament Co., Ltd. Our new factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters. Our store features several industrial chains of round beads, gemstone, cabochons and carvings as well as production bases and marketing centers in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Yiwu and Qingdao respectively. Sunstar Jewelry and Accessories Store has been always committed to the mission of "Quality First; Focusing on Characteristics; Exquisite Craft; Focusing on Fashion", keeping abreast with the development and sticking to unique characteristics. Our store is equipped with advanced equipment, including auto cutting machines, ultrasonic drilling machines and auto forming machines. The products have wide categories with innovative designs, including red agate, shell, green aventurine, rose quartz and crystal, 200 kinds of natural semiprecious stone, Chrysobery opal and zircon as well as 100 kinds of artificial stones. The products find markets in Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan area, Hong Kong and other places in the world, and have received appreciation from industrial peers and customers. We take pride in our past and hold confidence in our future. Our future will be as flourishing as "sun" and as bright as "star". Our staff will strive for bringing more innovative and fashionable ornaments to our clients.