Shenzhen Harley Tech Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Harley Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional electronical component agent/distributor. Since our beginning, we have been committed to providing high quality electronic components and services in communication, computer, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical care and other industries. We have numerous high-quality and excellent brand agents, abundant production lines, professional technical support, high-quality and high-efficiency services and large inventory stock. We have become an industrial leader of electronic components. We have long-term cooperation with our customers. We have established packing material production factory in Dongguan, covering 6000 square meters, producing EPE materials, EPE packaging products and plastic clamshell packaging products. We can also provide high quality customized products for our customers. Our main products are: Capacitors: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Solid polymer capacitors and Tantalum capacitors; Resistors: ultra-precision, ultra-low resistance, and high-power special resistors; Inductors: Multilayer ceramic chip inductors and power inductors; Beads: chip ferrite beads and chip ferrite beads; Filters; Diodes; Transistors; SMD Led; EPE materials; EPE package; Blister products. Our main brands are: Darfon, TDK, AVX, KYOCERA, LELON, APAQ, A1SEMI, BRIGHT, WINBOND, ST, ON, NXP, LRC, CJ, VISHAY, RICHTEK, WELLCOMP, TA-I, CYNTEC, MSECOP PACKAGING, DAMO, DAYANG and SOLIDERELE We are looking forward to establishing relationships with you in the near future.