SHAKYA HANDICRAFT PVT LTD - Online Store for Nepalese and Tibetan Handicrafts Buy Buddha statues, Silver Jewelry, Tibetan Rituals, Beads, Antiques, Collectibles, Newari thangkas, Tibetan thangkas, Tibetan Silver Jewelry, Religious Gifts with Confidence. We bring you products handmade by a group of fine artists from Patan, the heart of handicraft industry in Nepal, directly from our workshop. Shakya Handicraft is located in Patan city ( heart of handicraft industry in Nepal), established to bring exquisite Newari and Tibetan handicrafts to people all over the world. Our families and friends have been manufacturing the statues and silver jewelry for generations. We manufacture and bring you the best quality Buddhist statues and silver jewelries- directly from our workshop with best price possible. We also collect antique statues, thangkas, rituals related to buddhism from Newari and Lama Artists in Patan. Collectors from China, Tibet, Europe, United States and virtually all over the world travel down here in Patan to add these exquisite handicrafts to their collection. Now! We offer you the facility to add these special rare antiques as well as exquisite handicrafts to your collection at your own convenience whenever and wherever you are in the world.We would like to assure you that we will do our best to guarantee customer satisfaction and assure high quality of the items we offer. This is our initial genuine effort to introduce our Newar and Tibetan Art and Culture of Nepal directly to the rest of the world. Please help us with your suggestions and cooperation by establishing relationship with us. High Quality and Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have specific questions please contact us.You can further have more information at www.shakyahandicraft.comHope to deal with you. Background of Newar Art and CultureThe city of Patan, Lalitpur is renowned for its fine artistry and richness of culture. The skill of manufacturing the extra-ordinary pieces of art work has been handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Metal statues and silver jewelry are traditional metal handicraft-each piece handmade by today's "Newar" artists who are preserving the guidelines and techniques for centuries. Nepalese metal statues and silver jewelry are famous around the world for its authenticity, manufacturing process, fine carving and art work, traditional workmanship and high professionalism of the artists. We offer a wide collection of metal statues including Buddhist and Hindu gods and deities with gold plated body and gold painted face. Upon customer's request, oxidised and antiquated statues will also be manufactured. Products we offer: Buddha Statues - Shakyamuni Buddha, Aparmita, Amitabha Buddha, Amogh Siddhi Buddha, Dhyani Buddhas, Medicine Buddha, Meditating Buddha, Green Tara, White Tara, Tibetan Buddha and other Tibetan gods and gurus, 1000 armed Sahashrabhuja Avalokiteshvara, Rimpoche Gurus, Ganesh, Boddhisattvas. Singing Bowls, Singing Tibetan Bowls, Healing bowls etc.Tibetan thangka, Vajra, Ghau, Prayer Box, etc. Silver Jewelry: Earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. Pashmina shawls, scarves, stoles, mufflers, etc.rituals, butter lamps, incense burner, holy water vessels, phurba etc.