Shenzhen HXY Elec. Ltd.

We are one leading accessories manufacturer for video game and for iPhone/for iPad, offer accessories and spare parts and memory card for video game and for iPhone/for iPad from HK/Shenzhen, China. Most of our staff members have been working in this industry or related industry for over 10 years. We have marketing office in Futian District, Shenzhen, factory in Longhua, HK branch company New Sky Industrial Ltd. handling payment and delivery issue. Through the different resources combination, every aspect control of the development and manufacture process, we continue to strengthen our company and product advantage in video game and related industries. Now our products well selling in West EU, South America and North America. We are confident to provide: -Solid commitment to our customers -Reliable products -Best price -Best service as we can Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiries! We will respond to you within 12 hours! We just launched second biz unit called Railway Vehicles, Railway Spare Parts and Railway accessories. We are Export Agent for CSR, the biggest China Railway Vehicles Maker and Top 3 Railway Vehicles makers in the worldwide. We are also Export Agent for Guangzhou Railway Group, covering South China Railway System construction and operation. Within this group, we have over 100 factories to offer many kinds of spare parts and accessories for Railway System repair and maintenance. We offer a wide range of Railway Freight cars as below: -Tank Car -Flat Car -Open Top Car -Box Car -Hopper Car -Brake Car -Dining Car and other Special Cars. -Spare Parts like Railway Wheels, Axles, Wheel Sets, Railway Bogie and etc. Besides all kinds of Railway Accessories or material like Railway sleepers concrete, railway track, and all kinds of Fasteners and fittings is our hot offer. Our products already covered the below export area: 1. Southeast Asia: Vietnam/Thailand/Myanmar/Indonesia/Malaysia 2. South Asia: Pakistan/India 3. Middle Asia: Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan 4. Japan/Saudi Arabia 5. Africa Sudan/Kenya/Libya/Angola/Namibia/South Africa 6. Australia/NZ Land 7. South America Brasil/Venezuela/Bolivia 8. USA/Canada 9. EU Germany/Sweden/Swiss/France/Romania/Maccedonia Hope a good starting and working closely with our customers!

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