Shanghai Gogoal Home Furnishings Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Gogoal Trade Co., Ltd. is the trade name of brand Loyoki, who is the most fashionable home decoration and furniture company in Shanghai. We focus on designing and producing wooden furniture, with the main products of wall cabinets, shelves, 3D wall stickers, hooks and other modern house decoration products. Our products can be used in the decoration of home, office, store, and exhibition. We have our own factory in Wuyi of Zhejiang Province in China, which determines that we can control the quantity well and provide the first hand price definitely. Loyoki was established with its own distinguished feature who aims to be the leader of modern house decoration in China. Our Target: Our main target is the fashionable and stylish group aged from 20 to 35, who have a good taste of house decoration and desire for higher quality life. Brand Style: Simple & fashionable shape Bright & perfect matched color Personal & stylish design Product Feature: 1.DIY: Different shape, different color, easy to assemble and disassemble, which provides much room for your creative idea to do it by yourself, please enjoy. 2.Besides, we have our own excellent designers, who provide a great variety of stylish designs and patterns for your reference. 3.Practical Functions: storage, categorization, display, decoration, making full use of space. 4.Decorative: Besides the practical functions, Loyoki can be a kind of fashionable and stylish house decoration as well with its bright & perfect matched color and good look design. 5.Customization: If you are a good designer as well, we can produce as your layout. Welcome your fresh idea and design.