Shineu-Group Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Surreal Shoes Welcome to Surreal. The company that seems too good to be true! We offer the best quality leathers and materials at unbeatable prices. With friendly and accommodating staff, we will do our very best to provide you with the exact products you are looking for. We specialize in the creation of top-quality hand made Leather shoes, belts and purses. With years of practical field experience in manufacturing and marketing footwear, we can provide excellent products at a competitive price and an efficient production rate. Our company is located in the heart of the manufacturing town of Sanxiang, Guangdong, China. Cooperating with over two-hundred different factories, we can supply multiple styles at an incomparable rate. We accept low quantity orders because we believe that every business should have equal opportunities to attain our products. Location:Sanxiang, Guandong, China Size: 10,000 sqm including Factory, Office and Warehouse. Employees: 150 employees