Shenyang Gas Cylinder Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Gas Cylinder Safety Technology Co., Ltd., qualified to manufacture B1 and B3 series of cylinders, specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing various kinds of high quality gas cylinders and cylinder production equipments, including seamless aluminum alloy cylinders, aluminum lined carbon fiber fully wrapped cylinders, CNG seamless steel cylinders, CNG steel lined glass fiber hoop wrapped cylinders, CNG aluminum lined carbon fiber fully wrapped cylinders, winding machine, spinning machine, etc. We have four advanced cylinder production lines and our product scope covers 6 types of gas cylinders with more than 150 specifications. Besides cylinder and cylinder manufacturing equipments production, we professionally supply complete cylinder production line worldwide. We have a professional research and development team, one of whom is committeeman of China Standardization Committee for Gas Cylinders (CSCGC) and another is committeeman of Seamless Cylinder Standardization Committee. Now our company is a member of China Industrial Gases Industrial Association Gas Cylinder Committee and is honored to draft and make national standards GB/T 11640-2001 Seamless aluminum alloy gas cylinder, GB 13077-2004 Periodic inspection and evaluation of seamless aluminum alloy gas cylinder. Our company is well known in the industry with its high technical competence and good quality products. Our products are widely used both domestically and aboard and highly appraised by our customers. As well as specialization in cylinder production, our company gains great reputation by supplying self-designed winding machine and spinning machine with superior technology, good quality and competitive price. As a cylinder professional manufacturer, we have supplied complete cylinder production lines to foreign customers. Our objective is to set up both a management team with excellent executive ability and an energetic staff team, and to be a most dynamic and competitive gas cylinder-manufacturing enterprise emphasizing both on scientific research and production and to provide the customers with the most valuable products and service.