Shanghai Globleking Biometric Tech Co., Ltd.

Our company is a professional biometric and solution supplier and manufacturer. Based in China and face to the world, we are professional and enthusiastic, with a strong R&D department, skilled design teamwork and top marketing and selling groups. We offer the best products, solutions and services to help your work well and live better with your families and friends. We pay more attention to the long-term cooperation with distributors, agents and customers. We are on the same boat with them together. We sincerely treat each other with the sharing of weal or woe. With our hard work, steady quality products and the best service, we went through 2008-2011 Economic Crisis and make our company and our market bigger and stronger. With steady domestic markets and sources, we are developing and entering the international market to have more people use our products and services, helping them working better and live safer. We keep up with the security development all the time. We rely on today and look into the future. With the development of security, people have more demands for new and top-level products and services. Fingerprinting and card products will be replaced by Facial and Iris products. So we paid more attention to new product development. This year, we finished the development of facial products with better quality and more security, and promoted some new Facial models. Our R&D Department is developing Iris products and will be ready soon. We pay more attention to the marketing operation and service. Our design teamwork and R&D department are responsible for new products designing and development. Now our main products are Facial products and fingerprinting products and we offer all the solutions to our agents and distributors. We are willing to work together with you to make our society more peaceful. "Offering the best solution to our friends and families" is our responsibility and pride to return the society. We have been devoted to this field from the beginning and we will continue to work with you together forever.