Shenzhen Eager Painting Craft Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Eager Painting Craft Co., Ltd. (Eager-Art) is located in Shenzhen City which is a seaport border on Hong Kong and Guangzhou. We started oil painting business in January 2000. Pricing: Mainly we offer unique Oil Paintings and Giclee Prints to Website owners, Galleries, Furniture shops and Home Products shops, at regular prices. Also we offer big discount up to 30% when the order is mass copies of 50 each. Please contact Lin for all the details. Best Selling: We develop new designs basing on European and American needs, but not just sitting and thinking. R and D team designs basing on feedbacks from our Worldwide Online Stylists, who are our close clients, they running galleries or shops. High Quality only: Here we offer ONE quality level only, do not have several quality levels which cost different. The company focuses on high quality paintings and prints. Now, we are one of the pioneers of China painting suppliers. In the past 11 years, we stay in the field of oil painting and print only, improved the quality and service month by month, and keeping doing so forever. A Reliable Company: Since 2005, we joined in Alibaba, on November of 2009, Alibaba award us Certificate which shows us as an excellent supplier during 5 years in Alibaba, and now it is the 7th year, we got crtificate of Certified Supplier and Production Assessment which means we are really working very well here. And clients sent us recommendations to tell everyone we are a reliable company. Paint from Photos: In addition to our own painting and prints, we painted and Printed from customized pictures for more than 9 years, which including portrait, pet, landscape, flower and else on request. Quality Control: We ensure an excellent standard of quality control in three ways. 1. Based on 11 years of experience of marketing and producing oil paintings, we make sure that each is done by the most suitable artist for the job. 2. One of our directors, who is an artist herself, oversees Quality Control to ensure that standards are maintained at all times. 3. Thirdly, and perhaps the best method of Quality Control of all, our paintings are right for the market place and come at the right price. Health and Safety: Here all materials used are heat-treated and that all products conform with health and safety and environment guidelines. Our clients and the environment matter to us, so none of our products are harmful in any way. Copyright: Selling paintings/prints without own copyright is risky, but selling unpopular paintings is bad for business. We know we must offer best selling products which have no copyright issues. To do this, we make new designs ourselves basingon feedback worlwide, we ensure that our company owns the company right to our paintings and prints.We monitor trends throughout the year, based on feedback from our Worldwide Online Stylists and enquirers across the world. Exclusive Policy: After working together for 6 months, we start to discuss the exclusive selling in your exact region, example exclusive selling in London, it means we only sell to you in the whole London, and forward all enquiry from London to you directly. Service: Here, you just order and pay, we do everything else till the shipments arrive your seaport or air cargos arrive you door. And the company is open on all issues, all the staffs are honest and we offer same policies to clients the entire world. This is a reliable company, because every year over 60 clients visits us and place orders during the meeting or right after that. We export 100%, 65% to Europe, and 30% to America. You will find the sales manger conveniently, Mr. Lin, who is the decision-maker online (TradeManager, Skype, MSN) or via telephone calls.