Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1998, Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing 4-wheel electric vehicles. Our company has a workshop area of 20,000 square meters and 200 workers. Our current daily production capacity is 80units per day, this can be adjusted with the order volume increasing. Our company has gotten the unique production license for electric vehicle by the Supervision Bureau of Quality and Technology of China. In 2003, we were approved by ISO9001. In 2006, we were approved by WMI quality system to get our own VIN. With effective management and specialized talents, our company is dedicated to offering top quality products with competitive price and first class after-sales service. Our main products include 1) Electric golf car (2- person, 4-person, 6-person) EG2028K,EG2048K,EG2068K,EG2026K,EG2046K,EG2066K 2) Electric utility car (2-person, 4-person, 6-person) EG2028KSF,EG2028KSZ,EG2028H,EG2028T, EG2048KSF,EG2048KSZ,EG2048HCX,EG2048H,EG2048T,EG2068KSZ EG2026KSF,EG2026KSZ,EG2026H,EG2046KSF,EG2046KSZ,EG2046HCX,EG2046H 3) Electric personal carrier (4-person) EG6043K,EG6043P 4) Shuttle personnel carrier (8-person, 11-person, 14-person) EG6088K,EG6118KA,EG6118KB,EG6158K 5) Electric bus train EG6158K WITH TRAILER EG6118KB WITH TRAILER 6) Electric vehicle with solar panel EG2028KSZ, EG6158K 7) Sports utility vehicle - 2WD: EG2020ASZ,EG2040ASZ,EG2020T - 4WD: EG6020A4D - 5 SPEEDS: EG6042A 8) Electric industrial vehicle - Electric industrial vehicle - 800kgs: EG6021H,EG6021HA1 EG6021H WITH TRAILER; - 1500kgs: EG6030H, EG6030HB1 - 2000kgs: EG6040HB1 - Electric scissor lifter: EG6060J 9) Electric ambulance cart (light-duty, heavy-duty) EG2028KB1, EG6083T 10) Electric garbage-collecting vehicle with dumper or without dumper EG6020X,EG6062T 11) Street-legal EEC-approved electric vehicle for EU market EG6043KR-00,EG6043KR-01 12) Various customized vehicle (dinner delivery vehicle, utility vehicle, etc.), made based on our standard vehicles or based on OEM design. - Dinner delivery EG6042KXC - Cargo-container vehicle EG6062KXC ,EG6083T - Cargo-bed vehicle EG6062KCX,EG6042KDX, EG6113T (front seat + long cargo bed) - Passenger and cargo-bed vehicle EG6083T with 4 seats and cargo-bed - Electric wheelchair vehicle:EG2068T