Shangze Electronics Co., Ltd.

Our Faith Nature - Returning to a life of purity and simplicity Benevolence - Men at their birth are naturally pure Harmony - Balanced relationship between human-being and the universe Our faith comes from oriental ancient philosophy. About 2500 years ago, Confucian believed that there was a general and coincident principle in the universe guiding the evaluation of life and the development of nature, and that's what we call as "Taoism". Generally speaking, "Taoism" is equivalent to "nature", which contains universal rules of every single event. Taoism also illustrates two major parts of the oriental philosophy. One is the Truth, and the other is the Moral. The moral outlook can be naturally built for a man through learning the truth. Man should be self-cultivated physically and mentally, and to return to a life of purity and simplicity is considered to the highest goal of life. Confucian also believes that the harmonious relationship of the heaven and earth and human beings is the certain rule of the development of the world. Now, we are living in a materially modernized world. The natural environment is being overexploited and people are feeling lost in the concrete forest because of the lack of mental support. All of these social problems have triggered public attention, and many men of insight have begun thinking and developing. Company Profile Shangze Electronics Co., Ltd., the name of our company comes from the Taoism Philosophy: Water has the greatest benevolence, which benefits the entire world but requires nothing. Our company inherits the spirit and the responsibility from the universe, takes the inspiration from nature, and introduces a pacific and simple lifestyle, which allows us to return to a serene, relaxed, and liberated space for the soul. We offer high quality products and services with the combination of advanced technology and theories. Our research and development are based on the international standard, and are aiming to a high level of the internality, which completely embody the soul of nobility, grade, nature, health and harmony. Our Factory Established Year: 1991 Factory Area: 6000 square meters Main Business: Plastic molding, Plastic die making, Digital products & Electronic products. For the past years, with scientific management and advanced technology, our factory has developed into a modernize enterprise, which is leading a good reputation for the quality control and customized services. Our factory has attained ISO9001:2000 and ERP certifications. An efficient manufacturing team is supporting the development of our factory. Our factory also possesses an advanced digital machining center with full product lines. Design Concept Shangze Company combines oriental traditional healthy theories with western natural aromatic treatment, and has developed "five-element" aroma diffusers, which adopt the latest advanced technology. According to the traditional healthy treatment, we can make a perfect balance naturally and physically through adjusting the faculties of hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. The natural power can inspire the potential of body, increase the immunity, and repair the organism automatically. Also, it can sooth the feeling of anxiety and tension to make the spirit get calmed, and redound to get rid of the living pressure. Our products emphasize a fusion of life, art, and spiritual health. Through humanized design concepts, we want to give you a serene and simple lifestyle, to achieve self-release as well as contentment for the spirit.