Solar Dynamics Technologies Co,Pakistan

Solar Dynamics Technologies was established as a Private Limited Company with its primary aim to become the first leader of Solar Power Industry in Pakistan providing Photovoltaic (PV) modules with all the various requisites for the energy crises in Pakistan. The state-of-the-art technology was introduced in the most significant and innovative trend at the first ever solar power homes facility in Pakistan.It is an elitist industry, producing Hi Tech and precise quality solar technology like solar power system, solar tube well, solar street lights, solar water heaters are available right now and very soon solar AC will be available as well, and for more solar products our engineers are working on many other projects in our research and development wing.The main advantage behind this venture has been to introduce the most compatible Photovoltaic modules, getting to the zenith of technology orientation in the field of alternate energy production and its meaningful utility. Here,Solar Dynamics Technology devised a new pattern of meeting the 21st Century challenges in a modern sphere, renovating the solar energy in the field of green power generation which is primary need of Pakistan.After careful analysis and study of the energy shortage in Pakistan,Solar Dynamics Technology decided to initiate a customer-orientated venture, where it is committed to the highest levels of service and compatible technology deliverance. Envisaging the need of the hour and the growing issue of power shortage in the country, Solar Dynamics management is determined to embrace the challenging needs of the hour concerning the growth in the solar power sector, introducing the alternative, efficient and low cost energy trends in Pakistani market. It has been an elitist venture which is being introduced in the country with a bright enigma of innovation. At the Solar Dynamics Technology, we have the latest machinery equipped with the state-of-the-art PV Panel process control methodology, equally backed up by the brand new products to give an excellent opportunity to use sunlight for power generation.All of our products are much simpler to install and maintain in actual use for a longer period, eradicating the short-comings of Electric Power in PakistanMian Muhammad Naveed(Manager,Business Development)Solar Dynamics Technologies Co,Pakistan0092 606 3741500092 333 31205950092 3437870026