Shanghai Docan Tech Co., Ltd.

UV Printer Manufacturer In China As a professional UV printer manufacturer in China, Shanghai Docan Tech Co., Ltd. produce both UV flatbed printers and UV roll to roll printers. Our UV printers' categories include: aluminum plastic panel printers, acrylic printers, art ceiling printers, glass printers, door printers, canvas printers, ceramic printers, metal printers, leather printers, wallpaper printers, etc. These wide format printers are widely used in the glass, advertising, clothing, leather, and many other industries. Our experience in digital printing makes us understand UV-printer customers are looking for a wide-format printer with high print speed and high accuracy. Therefore, we developed a specialized control system for our UV printers, and we utilize a new fiber optic data transmission method to increase the volume of transmitted data. We import only the highest quality parts to use in making our printers. We also implement strict quality control over every production procedure to ensure standard product quality. The print head of our UV flatbed printer is a high-precision instrument, which uses staggered, double-row orifices, so that wide-format printing on a whole sheet can be achieved. The maximum width our printer can print is 2.5 meters. So sheets or coiled materials, within that width range, can all be processed by our large format printers. We import the ink for our UV printers, as it is of superior quality and it is eco- friendly. We strive to provide the best equipment at the lowest prices, so that our customers are always completely satisfied. To do this, we constantly strive to improve the quality and reliability of our printers. We also offer a 12-month guarantee on our printers, excluding the print head, ink pump, and filter. Our UV printers have passed CE certification, and are popular with our customers in Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, America, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Australia, and other countries. Our factory located in Shanghai, near highways, airports, and sea ports. This convenient transportation makes shipping cost very economical, both for us and our clients. We offer bulk-purchasing, and OEM service is also available. Welcome to visit our company!