Suzhou Develpower Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our company specializes in the R&D and production of electrical & electronic products. Our company is also a new energy company committed to promoting the application of solar energy in generating electricity. Our products include power and solar inverters, industrial switch power supplies, solar controllers, LED power supplies, medical power supplies, the solar grid-connected inverters, power UPS / EPS and variable-frequency drives. Our various inverters are mainly used in modifying vehicle power systems, solar power systems, marine electric, on-board power supplies, emergency power systems for large buildings, post and telecommunication systems and wind power systems. The inverter, which is our main product, applies the most internationally advanced high frequency inverter technology, and has the features of high reliability, small size, light weight and high conversion efficiency. Our high-quality products and professional technical services provide a reliable guarantee for using AC and DC power in a variety of complex environments. Our company is located in Suzhou - one of China's historical and cultural cities. Since our establishment, our company has always been forging ahead. In order to provide clients with first-class products and services, we fully integrate human resources, optimize product structure, reduce production cost, and enhance the customer awareness of our staff members. Our company has established long-term relationships with many domestic and foreign enterprises. With excellent product quality and professional services, we are highly evaluated by our clients, and are rated as "excellent supplier" by many of them.