Shenzhen Delightbuy Electronics Co., Ltd.

DelightBuy (HK) was established in 2008, and DelightBuy (Shenzhen) was established in 2011, located in Shenzhen. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing all kinds of game accessories, game controller, game repair parts, accessories for iphone, wireless keyboard, mobilephone, tablet PC. OEM & ODM products are welcome. we can transform your innovations into final products through comprehensive product development and project management In 2011, our annual business turnover values is over 3 million dollars. We have 80 employees and a factory covering an area of 1, 000 square meters All engineers and workers from DelightBuy have rich experience in R&D and manufacturing; some of them have 10 years experience. To maintain reliable quality and reduce the defective returns, relevant testing will be seriously implemented during product development and project management. We aim to help our business partner increase sales by producing outstanding lines of products at minimized cost. In a word, our aim is to bring you a delight buying experience. Marketing Our marketing team constantly gathers valuable information from the internet, shopping malls and expos. Taking into account your needs and the market needs, we can propose new products and provide consultation in OEM & ODM products. After initial evaluations, we proceed to the preliminary design procedure. Product Development Every step in our product development is done in detail. We first identify the best-fit raw material suppliers. After selecting and ordering the appropriate materials, prototypes are made. To maintain reliable quality and reduce defective returns, we perform relevant testing on the prototypes, such as aging test, functional test, transit test, safety test, destroy test, drop test, etc. After the appropriate modifications, we proceed to the test run. We then test these test-run-products again since there might be discrepancies from the prototypes. We usually go through numerous modifications and improvements before production. Project Management We monitor each project effectively and record our findings from the test run with a complete set of production documents, including the BOM (bill of material), ASB (assembly diagram), IQC (incoming material quality control), OLQC (online quality control), and PSI (pre-shipment inspection). These documents convey the instructions and important notifications to production line workers and quality control staff. With these documents, we proceed to production of a small quantity. We perform relevant testing again on these products, and finally start mass production. Our Resources Every product deserves special attention in their unique materials selection and assembly methods. Since we have connections with many raw material suppliers in the Pearl River area, we are able to select the best combinations to develop your innovations. Instead of relying on only one supplier, we have at least five qualified raw material suppliers in each field to reduce potential risks and get reasonable prices. Our Vision As we supply high quality products and provide well-rounded service for you, we hope to facilitate your sales. Since we assist you in planning the whole production process in China, you can treat our company as an extended office. We make the commitment to develop a long-term strategic partnership with you since this partnership brings mutual benefits for both of us.