Shenzhen Chip Optech Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Chip Optech Co. Ltd is a hi-tech company specializing in the research, production and construction of LED application products. Since 2000, we began to exploit overseas markets and now have special channels for export business. We sell our products to all over the world such as US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Austria, Israel, Egypt and Turkey etc, benefiting big buyers such as AT&T, KOBEL, and Singapore TV Station etc. Backed by heavy investment and a strong R&D team composed of 25 professionals who average ten years' experience, we are able to release special control software that ably monitors LED working status and gives alarms once malfunction occurs. Users can adjust the white balance and brightness not only by points, but also by modules, cabinets, and even the whole display. Also, we offer backup signal cables for each display, enabling them to keep working fine even if the original one stops. Furthermore, our displays' refresh frequency is up to 9,600Hz, which sets us apart from our competitors. We have a 12,000m2 manufacturing base and employ as many as 1000 production staff, enabling us to output LED products covering 1,000 square meters. This capability allows us to have cooperated with Iran Subway Company for three years. And, we have exported at least 300 square meters of PH16 and PH20 full color displays each to Romania, and nearly 8,000 pieces of LED bar displays to Germany. All displays carry UL, CE and RoHS marks, thanks to strict QC processes in an ISO 9001-certified factory. We use key materials from reliable suppliers such as Nichia, Cree, Axt, Philip, Toshiba and Samsung and conduct 3-day aging tests on each unit, resulting in a 0.1 repair rate. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive services to our customers: technical training on installations, maintenance and technical support, or even designate our engineers to fix your problems directly. For more information, contact us today.