Shenzhen Createled Electronics Co., Ltd.

CreateLED International Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in LED video screens and the correlation trade. The corporation collects LED grinds and production and engineering in organic whole, actual strength is ample, and the technology is leading, to various kinds LED panel grinds and the production possesses the experience and ability of many years the maintenance. The product kind is complete. Because our system is complete, the operating is stable to trades such as extensive use advertisement, negotiable securities, railway, highway, CAAC, hospital, bank, real estate, stadium shop, power and amusement. The quality is reliable, and benefits from the family favorable comment deeply to two primary colours of a monochromatic screen, information screen and picture. With the sincere letter management, surmounting selfhood for the management concept, the satisfied requirement to save energy and the environmental protection product of market as the objective, we constantly raise the production technology and the automation standard of production equipment to the technology innovation, the market management consciousness kimono affair reason thought is strengthened, and devoting ourselves to the super Gao Liang LED's light electricity series product of promotion applies the process in the green illumination light source of the manlind.