Shaoxing Bafang Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China, HuHuaheng Import & Export Co., Ltd. has enjoyed a faithful and reliable reputation since our establishment in 2003 for high quality products, reasonable prices, prompt delivery, good after-sales service, etc. We focus our markets on Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc.The products we are dealing with are truck parts and auto parts.Auto/Truck Differential Transmission Parts: Eaton Fuller transmission parts, gear-main shafts (main shafts), input shafts, clutch sliding, gear-counter shafts, coupler-main shafts, hub gears, main-drive gears, 3rd speed gears, 2nd speed gears, pinion drive gears, synchronizers (with carbon), synchronizer cups, crown wheel pinions (Rockwell C. W. Pinions) , ZF Gearbox Parts Auto/Truck engine parts: fuel shutdown solenoids, fuel pumps, carburetors, turbochargersAuto/truck Suspension Parts: wheel HUB units, control arms, C.V Joints, shock absorbers (steering dampers), ball joints, tie rods, tie rod ends, rubber partsAuto/truck starter motors: starter drives, starter armaturesAuto/truck electrical Parts: auto alternators, auto distributors, auto wiper motors, auto switchesAuto/truck brake parts: brake master cylinders, brake wheel cylinders, brake drums, brake rotors/discs, brake calipers, brake hoses, brake pads, brake slack adjustersAuto/truck clutch parts: clutch discs, clutch covers, clutch pressure plates, clutch release bearings, central slave cylinders, clutch master cylinders, clutch wheel cylindersAuto/truck cooling parts: auto radiators, radiator fans, fan clutches, oil coolers, A/C condensersAuto/truck steering parts: power steering pumps, power steering gears, steering knucklesVW Air Cooled Parts (VW Beetle Parts), Vintage Air Cooled Volkswagen Parts and Accessories for Classic Beetles, Bugs, Super Beetles, Buses, etc.We hope to establish good cooperation with our new and old business partners all over the world. If there is any suitable enquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us.