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Shijiazhuang AnBang Technology Factory is a professional manufacturer in producing iron craft fittings. It is located in WuJi County which is 18 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang airport. There are mould making workshop, iron skill workshop, press and forge workshop in the the factory. There are more than 200 employees. The products have high quality and can be forged, riveted and welded (2.5welding rod.). There are more than 1000 kinds of iron craft fittings ,group wares and so on. The final products can be made according to the requirement of the customers. AnBang Technology Factory is always in line with the business idea "honest and faithful, pioneering and innovative, create"satisfied service", and establish "brands vividly". All the staffs will always bring forthe new idea hardly and offer the customers with the first-class products and high quality service. FITTINGS OF PRECISION CAST STEEL This skill adopt wax-mould ,mould-glass and sand-mould system, producing various wrought iron leaves, flowers,spears, bushes, fittings of machines and so on.We can also produce according to the samples and requirement of customers. IRON ART GTOUP WARE SEMI-MANUFACTURED GOODS With the consummate technology and the spirit of loving customers, we will offer the products of high quality, for example, various doors with flowers, the posts of the stairs and fences ,ornamental scrolls and so on. IRON ART PRODUCTION We can produce various iron art doors, doors which can move parallelly, fences, stairs , furniture and works of art. We adopt the classical design, the consummate technology and the beautiful color and mix the romantic and elegant design. Let you enjoy the style of romanticism in European and the warm going back to the nature.There is a whole system from design to produce for the products. WROUGHT IRON MACHINES We produce two kind of Wrought iron machines. Electric drives: Multi-purpose Metalcraft Tool Set, Metalcraft Cold Coining Machine, Metalcraft hydraulic shearing Machine, Crystal Type High Frequency Induction Heating Machine, Metalcraft Fishtail Coining machine, Metalcraft Rolling Coil Machine, Metalcraft Pattern-Scrolling Machine, Metalcraft Twisting Machine, Metalcraft hydraulic Bending Machine, Metalcraft Pipe Bender, Series Press Machine, Air Hammer and so on. Manually machines: Hydraulic Striking-Button, Lantern Twisting Machine, Stripe Steel Press Machine, Angle-Bending Machine, Anvil, Circling Machine, Metal Gas Stove, Metalcraft Shear and so on.