Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

As an integrated supplier and service provider of LED displays, we offer products that are well-received and of exceptional quality. In fact, having been in the industry for only 10 years, we've finished over 5,000 projects in more than 110 countries and regions. So what's our secret? In-house LED encapsulation We complete the entire LED manufacturing process in-house. Our fully-automated LED production process includes everything from die and wire bonding to encapsulation, insertion and wave soldering. Four-step QC process Our stringent QC regimen involves a 4-step process: Incoming Quality Assurance Inspection Process Quality Control Final Quality Assurance Outgoing Quality Control Throughout the process, we conduct brightness, white balance, vibration and aging tests starting with modules, then panels and completed displays. Once finished, we perform high-pressure water resistance assessments to conform to IP65 standards. Lastly, we assemble displays for video aging and on-site simulations, as well as aesthetic inspections on cabinets and internal components. And prior to shipment, all spare parts are evaluated one last time. Comprehensive aftersales services and support When you receive your shipment, you will find an array of materials to assist you with installation and operation. Demo videos, documentation and user manuals, as well as software will provide you with everything you need to get your LED displays up and running. If you have any inquiries that you are unable to resolve, contact our English-speaking engineers and sales advisors. They are available to answer any questions you may have, as well as offer detailed technical support. To accommodate our clients' requests for spare parts, we've kept a large inventory for fast turnarounds. Plus, we provide on-site support upon request. In fact, to further expedite our services, we have engineers stationed at our technical support center in Europe. From advertising and stage events, as well as scoreboards and perimeter banners, we offer solutions that cater to your specific requirements. Join our satisfied international clientele in sourcing our exceptional LED displays. " Yes, I am very happy and satisfied with Absen's screens and overall service... I am planning to order with Absen again! " Stipe Ercegovic,Croatia " Your display is working extremely well and we're satisfied with the services provided. " - Mehrshad Mirsharghi, TenoTaban Electronic Research Co. " We are looking forward to building a healthy relationship with our best supplier - Absen " - Vicki, Traction Media