RATIO-PAKyour international project partner division for the milk, water, wine, soft drink, juice and bewerery industry. . The international RATIO-PAK, is a project realisations group, for food and drink technology and complete investment projects, etc. It has almost 30 years in researching, designing and manufacturing various production and fabrications line in water technology, milk, beer, win, food equipment, machine and engineering incl. stainless steel sterile valves, fittings and tank systems. We have strong technology and take the leadership in the designing of new machinery and productions equipment of beverage product lines. We also supply pet plastic machine, injection machine, and blowing machine, for example, the can, the bottle, the cap, etc We supply the whole solution of whole turnkey project of drinking line for our customer. Well, we now has a new product for pet bottle production and draft pet bottle filling and packing. The machine line are suitable for products from water, tea, juice, and carbonate drinking (soft drinking), milk, oel, etc. All the machines have taken in the high technology from German, Swiss, Ireland and USA. We have won many national patents and we are keeping improved in practice. We have national customer contact offices Arab-Center, Austria-Center, Balkan-Center, China-Center, Romania-Center, Swiss-Center, US-Center, Vietnam-Center, Experten-Center for technology and know-how transfer We hope that we can offer you perfect process technology, project engineering, machinery equipment and service. Your international liquid division group, swiss. RATIO-PAK Administration-Swiss Ratio-Pak is a international company division of the Ratio-Norm Group