Thank you for your interests in our company and our products.We hope to make reliable & longterm business relationship with you starting today.We're one of the Best 'Brand/Non Brand Apparel Exporter' in Korea because we're running very special 'Stocklot Biz' as our main biz, which enable us to supply 'brandnew items' with 'stocklot price' to our customers. The reason is as below. 1. Most of our goods are Instock Items with TOP Quality and BEST PriceWe secure LAST SEASON stocks ONLY, which means they were produced only few months ago.In addition, most of them have never been displayed in stores to be sold, but stored in the warehouse for few months, and then we just took themfrom the manufacturers directly because we have very strong connection with some TOP fashion companies in Korea such as HJ fashion, NY Group and so on.So the stocks that we bought are totally new goods inside polybags which were never opened.We also deal with OEM ITEMS as well. 2. We deal with 'Made in Korea' goods ONLY due to Quality and Design Issues. We don't deal with goods that were made in China/ Vietnam/ India/ Bangladesh only because they're cheap.It's because we care about products' quality and design very much, which makes our customers be very satisfied with our goods in terms of Quality and Design.In 99% cases, once a new buyer puchase from us, he tends to keep dealing with us ONLY because our stocks are not comparable with any other stocklot suppliers.Sometimes, we deal with goods made in China, but, in that case, the company is Korean fashion company who has factories in China. So, it's same as Korean Products. So you can trust the Quality. 3. We sell these 'NEW' & 'TOP QUALITY' goods with 'Stock Price'(But, only big buyers-B type Biz). So, our customers can get very big margins because they can sell these goods with normal selling price, not stock price to their customers.That's why we're very popular among our customers because customers can make a lot of margin. Can you imagine that you can get a T-shirts which you can sell at USD40 by paying ONLY USD3.5? The margin ratio will be OVER 90%!! So, we have 2kinds of biz models for 2kinds of different buyers for the same goods(stocks) of our own. For your better understanding, let us give you an example. eg. For the same Jacket items -> Market Price of jackets : USD150 1) Biz Type A : Normal Order base for small customers(purchasing q'ty : few hundreds/thousands)-> We don't give promotional price for small customers who buy from us only few hundred/thousands-> Therefore, our offer price for them is USD25-USD40, in this case.-> However, we can provide customers with information such as model/size assortment and samples and customers can choose models from the photo images that we provided as well because it's normal order. And we can get a lot of margin even though we have to do many chore jobs. 2) Biz Type B : Stock Order base for big customers(purchasing over 10,000pcs) : UNBELIVABLY COMPETITIVE PRICE is given-> We give promotional price for big customers who purchase over 10,000pcs(10,000pcs-200,000pcs mostly), and our discount ratio is OVER 90%!-> In this case, our offer price for the same jacket is USD5-USD10(Over 80% more discount than Biz type A, and upto 97% OFF from the original price) according to your purchasing q'ty. -> However, our service(such as model/size assortment) is limited. Since they're stocks, all models/sizes are mixed, and we can not assort them and inform customers one by one or send samples per each models to each customers because it's stock order, and that's why we give customers this CHEAPEST PRICE(UPTO 97% OFF).For the same items, we have 2 kinds of price, and all buyers(if they're big) surely prefer B type Biz due to price competitiveness. We also prefer big buyers because we're running very big volume biz with too many models. But the choice is yours!