ROSER is a major and one of leading manufacturer of Stone Coated Steel roofing products in the world. We are in North America (USA and Canada), Caribbean Countries, most of Asian countries (Japan, Korea, China, etc.), Middle East countries, European countries (UK), Formal CIS countries (Russian, Ukraine, etc.), etc. Our products are proven as excellent and top quality and endured world harsh weathers through the actual usages for many years already, and our products are also proven by world most recognized tests and approvals organizations. ROSER is ISO 9001 certified, CE Market certified (Europe), BBA approved (British Board Agreement), Approved by Japanese Institutes about Fire and Snow, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Classified (USA), Miami Dade Country Approval (USA), etc.Our Roofing Products featured great coating layers (Galvalume Steel Base) of protection and proven to resist all kind of extreme weathers. Also, our tiles are extremely lightweight yet incredibly durable. Our tiles weight only about 1/6 the weight of clay or concrete tiles, therefore, you may not need additional supporting structures. We designed and produced our tiles to be install in an inter-locking system that can provide maximum protection to your home, such as strong wind, hail, and other kinds of sever weather conditions.