Royal-Anns corporation was incorporated in 1998 with the background of over 25 years' experience in electric power generation systems since 1979. We are manufacturing and exporting gas, diesel and gasoline (petrol) powered generator sets ranging from 1. 5~5000ekW for various applications as Standby, Prime and Continuous operation with single or parallel operation. Our RPG (Petrol) , RDG (Diesel) and RGG (Gas) series of gensets are of top quality showing best performance for both STANDBY and CONTINUOUS operation at home and abroad. Standard equipment of DIGITAL TYPE of generator control panels are basically provide the high quality products with various MONITORING and PROTECTION for engine and generator. You can experience the power generation systems of PERFECT PERFORMANCE and HIGH QUALITY, BEST RELIABILITY and DURABILITY without any troubles. ( Fax: + 82 31 969 6082 )