Qingdao Yijia Huayi Import and Export Co., Ltd.

The company is a independence company under the leading of Qingdao Yijia Group Co., Ltd., Mainly trade scope is processing, import and export products in the lines of chemicals materials, pharmaceuticals materials, women and babies hygiene products, household necessities, textile machinery, garments, etc. established business relations with more than 30 countries and origins. The company takes the advantages of China State Ocean Scientific Institute in Qingdao area, developed powerful exportation ocean chemicals products, say, alginate series products, silica gel series products, and seaweed extract series, has a group of well-experienced business staffs, can ensure your purchased commodities fine /stable quality and shipment timely. The company achieved the I/E volume of more than 50 million US dollars average yearly. For the convenience of the OEM clients abroad, we established long term processing cooperation relations with some advanced installments manufactories of household products in China, arranging OEM manufacture for clients abroad. Say, washing powder, laundry soap, toilet soap, babies diapers, woven sanitary pads, babies wipes, garments etc. producing qualified products with supplied logo/design and personal quality survey for foreign clients. The company registered our trade marks of PROPEP, 2A, PROPA brand for the exporting household series products. These branded products are much popular in some countries with find and fashion design and stable quality, especially for some new starting businessmen from African, South American and Middle Asian countries. The company emphasize the core of maximize of satisfaction of customer's, through developing new products and design, adsorbing advanced knowledge and offering good service under our joint efforts.