Qingdao Rhino Intl Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Rhino Int'l Co., Ltd. is a professional tire manufacturing and exporting company in China. We primarily operate with a bias truck tire factory, radial tire factory, and OTR tire factory. Our tire ranges include industrial tires, solid tires, OTR tires, agricultural tires, and skidsteer and specialty tires. With our advanced technology and professional team, we are growing fast. With more than ten years of marketing experience and our skilled engineers, our products enjoy a good reputation and market share in the USA, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa and other countries in the world. In many ways, "RHINO" is a trend-setter with new products, and we are always interested in developing new types of tires with foreign customers. At RHINO, tire dealers are more than just our customers-they are our partners in Business! Satisfying customers is our ultimate goal in business, and we welcome any inquiries for tires from anybody at any time, and we always reply quickly!