Qingdao Kinghood Tools Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Kinghood Tools Co., Ltd. is a golden supplier of tool carts and components. Our wheelbarrows and trolleys meet your volume needs, shape needs and quality needs. Qingdao Kinghood Tools has more than 500 models of pushing carts and over 400 types of tyres and casters. Products include wheelbarrows, hand trolleys, hand trucks, garden carts, tyres & tubes and casters. At the same time, we supply quality OEM service and products to clients. Daily, our factories roll out 4000 wheelbarrows, hand trolleys and garden carts. We produce most of our components in-house and conduct strict treatments on our products, including oil and rust removal, as well as powder coating. Our QC inspectors check each stage of production. Qingdao Kinghood Tools has advanced Technology, exquisite techniques and consummate Service. We are always doing the best!