Qingdao Huaao Marine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Huaao Marine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Huaao for short) is the China's first professional aluminum yacht manufacturer that utilizes aluminum production technology used in Australia. With superior technology, our company was awarded the Quality System Certificate by Bureau Veritas in the second year after our establishment. Our company sells products to several developed countries and regions with high demands of yachts, such as Australia, Norway, Taiwan area, etc. Aluminum yachts are quite useful, hardly depreciated and environmental friendly. As a yacht manufacturer, Huaao utilizes high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy sheets as main raw materials to construct yachts in strictly accordance with the international standards. The yachts are jointly designed by world-famous yacht designers and Huaao's designers while the whole construction processes are supervised by skilled and experienced senior engineers. Our company also specializes in FRP modeling and manufacturing metal matrix composites. We aim to produce world-class products by incorporating new decoration materials, increasing operation efficiency and recruiting experienced technicians. Our products offered include steel, fiberglass and aluminum luxury yachts with less than 50 meters in length. Our company's products can be categorized into sports yachts, fishing yachts, utility yachts, large-scale luxury yachts, luxury sightseeing yachts in terms of their applications. Each kind of yacht is designed for its sole purpose with unique features.