Qingdao Crossea International Ltd.

Since 2003 we have been engaged in providing promotional products for our customers in mechanical industry, such as automotive, agriculture machinery and gardening tools industry. We firmly believe that the success is not the money you make, but how much winning edge your customer could get with your products or service. Thus for these years we have been accumulating all related resources to serve our customer with '3B', best price, best quality and best consultancy services. We provide promotional products catering to all operation needs of a company, such as your product selling, advertising, trade show, customer relationship building and even interior awards and corporate apparels. Note that we specially hold a peering advantage in providing industry-related promotional gifts. ODM and OEM services are also offered to ensure every single project is made to order. We believe with our professional service, specialized knowledge and experience you will win your customer's favor at last as well as good purchasing experiences.