Pengjiang Xintianlong Lighting Firm

Pengjiang Xintianlong Lighting Firm (xingguang lighting) is a leading manufacturer specializing in the production the special lighting. Our product are not only sold well at China, but also exported to America, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. Our mainly products include: 1.UVA (wavelength 350-450nm): High pressure mercury lamps and HID lamps which are widely used in industrial field. 2.UVB (wavelength 302, 310, 313nm): which is used for medical treatment 3.UVC (wavelength 185-253.7nm): which is widely used for clear air and water treatment 4.IR lamps: which is used for some industrial heating such as printing, coating 5.Fluorescent lamps 6.Energy save lamps 7.Transformers, capacitors, ballasts, triggers, reflection sheets For more information about any of our series, or to place your order, please feel free to contact us directly. We hope to receive your detailed inquiry soon, and are looking forward to having the chance of cooperating with you in the near future.