PT. Widya Latansa Teknologi - WidyaTech

WIDYATECH is a vendor and consultant of information technology founded and located in Indonesia which provides enterprise solution software (ERP System) including Human Resources Management System (Human Resource Software / HRIS / HRMS) , Financial Accounting (FIA) , Material Management (MM) , Production Planning (PP) , Sales Distribution (SD) , Plant Maintenance (PM) , and Project System (PS) . BRIEF HISTORY WIDYATECH Company has born into reality, turning all ideas into innovative and affordable technologies by delivering sophisticated products and services which represent our vision to help others combined with a deep understanding of knowledge and decades of world class experiences. We call it WIDYATECH, WIDYA-a word in Sanskrit that encompasses the meaning of knowledge, science or learning, and TECH stands for technology. With these two characterized words, we represent our company to give best solutions to our clients based on a deep knowledge and proven technologies. MISSION Provide a comprehensive range of solutions that empower every aspect of business operations by leveraging extensive experience, deep knowledge and seriously research and development. By using WIDYATECH solutions, companies can reduce costs, improve their performances, and gain the ability to respond to business needs changes. VISION Improve the quality of business's lives through timely delivering meaningful information technology products and services. PRODUCT AND SERVICES Generally, WIDYATECH plays in Information Technology area, especially in Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Web Design Services. Currently we deliver our world class ERP product which is covering Human Resources Management System called EuClid System. EuClid System is an enterprise application built for managing enterprise's human resources information. Euclid System is implemented using sophisticated technology and world class best practices to give solutions to the problems regarding human resources management and development. OUR PROFESSIONALS Almost all of our professionals have decades of experiences in their own fields. Including advance developer in Oracle, Microsoft. Net, Microsoft SQL Server, JAVA, MySQL, PHP and Web Design and Programming Technology. They are also having numerous roles in managing Enterprise class ERP projects as Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Analyst, or Developer. Contact: BUDI SUSILO Marketing Manager Hp. + 62 811 327504 Website: HTTP: / / WWW. Widyatech. Com