PVC Pipe Plus

PVC Pipe Plus was originally incorporated in 1985 and has 25 years of rapid development. Our company specializes in manufacturing PVC, PE series products with advanced production lines. All of our pipes, fittings and other products have passed ISO9001-2000 certification system authentications. PVC Pipe Plus has eighteen lines of products. We are willing and able to work with our customers for all applications covered by our product range. We have solutions in many different industrial applications, e. g. water supply pipes, combustion gas pipelines, coalmine ventilation ducts, pulp pipelines, central heating protection ducts, seawater and corrosion material conveying pipes, petroleum and chemical pipes, storm and waste water pipes, power cable protection pipes, and water conservancy and irrigation pipes. Our products, divided into eighteen categories. For further information and discussion of your special requirements in your application, please contact us. We are glad to provide you with the optimal solution for your needs and wishes.