Prober Industrial Ltd.

PROBER INDUSTRIAL LTD Since its establishment in year 2006, Prober Industrial Limited has been dedicating itself in developing and producing hi-end mobile personal entertaining products for worldwide customers. Its product range covers but not limited to video glasses, mobile theatre, eyewear recorder products and many other portable multi-media devices. Prober industrial LTD has been well recognized in European and North American markets and Prober brands became well-known by our reliability, credit abilities and quality. Experienced R&D team with experts we built keeps us staying ahead of nowadays audio & video industry. Combining with our engineers unique creativities and substantial developing investments input, Prober industrial LTD's competitiveness will always be as prominent as it is. Well-disciplined sales team in Prober considers customers as everything. To satisfy our customers is not our aim, but is a must. To be helpful is not our job, but is our responsibilities; to win modest profits from customers after what they have obtained from our services. Reason for Prober industrial LTD has become so successful is all about our customers' successes. More than quality products obtained, our partners also benefit from value-added services provided, as latest industrial information from markets, marketing methods consultancy, even web-design consultancy etc. what customers concern are what Prober Team is doing for them. Prober Industrial LTD is ready to serve you as we are growing; we are staying ahead and will be staying ahead; stay and work with us, stay ahead!