At 20 Km away to Kayseri ONEBEYSteel Doors 3000 m2 si closed a total of 10,500 m2 si open the door on an area of manufacturing is 13500'm2lik. In 1991, steel production and manufacturing industry to step ONEBEY Steel Doors 1994, the company was exploring the steel door and into the PVC industry. Average monthly production capacity in 1500 with one door ONEBEY Steel Doors, 50-person staff with a workshop with some production from the grazed and developing technology to production has been fabricated by step with age. Dealer network in Turkey with more than 300 ONEBEY Steel Doors, high quality production and customer satisfaction to its rich color and model of principle and call options in the sector has become the brand. Middle East and Europe choosing the target market itself ONEBEY Steel Doors, here is to contribute to Turkish economy with exports. The materials used in production, and pick and choose carefully the quality and aesthetics of the designs and models dominate the rich are presented to customers. Cash and in the construction of wings 1.5 mm steel alloyed DKP sac, in the 10-12 mm MDF wood is used. This quality can be increased even more in line with demand. Steel Doors, reliable locking system and with brass-plated accessories are equipped in a way befitting ONEBEY quality.