Optima Trade Pty Ltd

Optima Trade Pty Ltd can provide:1) Physical and Data Security for Mobile Phone-to MANUFACTURERS OF MOBILE PHONES, TELCOS AND TELECOMMUNICATINS RETAILRS Our product is ideally suitable for your customers who rely on their mobile phone for (among all other purposes) financial/business transactions as this simple and cost effective lock (one-off cost of download !) enables the user to fully retrieve their valuable personal and banking/business data from the lost or stolen mobile phone and/or to completely erase data remotely so that it can not be misused.It is like a tiny insurance policy... with the best wish they never need it.Moreover your company can have full control of number of downloads, so that the start can be made with any small limited number of subscribers that quickly pays for itself .All our business communication and and transactional activities can be done remotely, so that as the end result your subscribers' one-off cost is very small.In the end it becomes your perfect marketing tool for securing the existing customers and attracting new customers, can also be used as corporate gift to your corporate clients.... any creative marketing idea can be supported by this highly elegant and simple solution.However, we will be very glad to listen about any specific ongoing marketing campaigns and we will tailor make our marketing message for your target market (exiting and new).As of mid April 2011 our application supports Android phone among others.A very cost effective testing of our product can be arranged for any number of desired mobile phones.2) Technology Consulting for (high impact-resistant and light weight composite materials technology platform for various industries) looking to build panels, containers, curved surfaces ..etc. for physical protection from high impact.3) Export Trading Consulting for Australian producers of Spirits and MULTI-Mineral and MULTI-Micro-element Fertilisers.4) We continually do Research and Development of Innovative Financial Products and always look for Innovative Funding and Financing Solutions...(e.g. we have access to a highly innovative financial product for retirement market based on equity in residential property).