OKK International Ltd. registered in Hong Kong. OKK has invest or joint venture with those manufacturers in China who have established professional and international manufacturing standards & are in possession of internationally recognised certifications. Our factory H-TEC are bring the Germany and Italian advance technology to produce Clay Brick making plant, Our engineer team can provide services starting from designing, production, setting, installing until training. Our main business includes a complete range of construction equipment and production line (including dry-mixed mortar, roof-tile, clay brick, cement block, and concrete) and movable house. Since regions are different, the rules and languages are different. Finding the right source is a task for experienced professionals. That is why OKK can offer you a distinct advantage. We can anticipate your needs, and stay up-to-date with the latest. That means we are here, wherever you need us, we are your doorway to China. We will analyst most suitable production line for your needs. If you do any idea for the those making production line , we can discuss it. thanks If you should need any more services from us please do not feel hesitate to contact us. thanks. Marketing Manager Dankey Tai