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Oner Electronics Technology Limited, a professional electronic technology company, is dedicated to IT promotion in enterprises, Global Position Systems (GPS), wireless mobile communication Systems (GSM/GPRS), GPS tracking systems, and Security monitoring systems, with unrivaled and proven solutions. We offer specialized information integration solutions: Enterprise-internal management systems, Comprehensive wiring and System integration systems, especially the GPS real-time tracking systems. Oner Electronics Technology Limited, the premier worldwide provider of wireless tracking and recovery systems for mobile assets, is the leader in the global intelligent tracking systems. We specialize in the construction and management systems of vehicle tracking centres, special vehicles (taxis, secure cars, construction vehicles, police cars and tourist), employee checking attendance, elders' and kids' protection and rescue and precious assets tracking. With real-time tracking systems, clients can receive the best professional tracking and location services. Company Culture Our Mission: Ensure clients to enjoy information life Core Values: Innovation, Practicality and Cooperation Principle: Mutual development of Business value and Customer value Philosophy: Customer First, Service Foremost Company Codes 1. Committed to offer excellent help 2. Trustable and to create win-win business 3. Sound management and to promote corporate value 4. Care staff self-development, and let all gold shine 5. Gratitude to the society and be responsible