Ningbo Vanly Bicycle Part Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Vanly Bicycle Part Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo (Luotuo) Machinery & Electric Industry Zone which is close to Ningbo Beilun Seaport and in the middle of Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Ningbo. Therefore, the transportation is very convenient. With 2 years' experience in producing and developing electric bicycle aluminum frames, our company can guarantee the quality of products. What is more, our company is only engaged in aluminum materials. In this way, we are professional and concentrated on the development, production, marketing and servicing of aluminum frames. We have 30,000 square meters of floor area and 15,000 square meters of building area. The second construction project will reach 50,000 square meters. As a fully equipped company, our output is 40000 sets/month and 500,000 sets/year.