Company Brief HistoryNew Universal Pte. , Ltd. is a pioneer in the manufacturing, marketing and wholesale distribution of major commodities such as Agricultural Commodities, Wheat flour, Glutinous rice, Rock Phosphate, Paraffin Wax, Fertilizers and Chemicals in Indonesia with the overseas branch office as well as Central Marketing Unit at Singapore for marketing and exporting of our owned processed Frozen Cooked Tuna Loin and Frozen Seafood. We also export our Indonesia origin Latex (High Ammonia Centrifuged Latex with 60% DRC) to overseas market especially to China with our own brand "NEWTEX". As we have 2 manufacturing plants for production of "Frozen Cooked Tuna Loin" at Indonesia by our owned, we export to Tuna Canning Factories at Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, Spain, Libya and Middle East countries currently. Besides Frozen Cooked Tuna Loin Factories, we also have 1 Processing and Cold storage factory at Indonesia and exporting Frozen Seafood to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia. Founded in 1995, we were started as a based retail business serving the private and government sectors. In 1998, as business grew and improved, and to be as fast as the development and the changing business need, we have reposition ourselves from a merely based retail business serving to be an integrated professional logistics and trading company. We have successfully ventured into the import and export business with the strong supports from both our esteem dealers and suppliers. We have formed a service network to reach the whole regencies of Indonesia. Regarding with seafood Industry, we started as fishing fleet company since 30 years ago as family owned business with 33 fishing boats. In 2002, we established the first factory for "Frozen Cooked Tuna Loin" and entering into manufacturing business. Our second factory for "Frozen Cooked Tuna Loin" starts operation in December 2008 and supplying our Cooked Loin to Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine and Middle East. Our processing and cold storage facility for varieties of Frozen Seafood established in 2005 and exporting our Frozen Seafood to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.About 14 years of business operation efforts, experience in trade, production, wholesales & distribution as the major player in market and kindly received the regular advices and supports from our clients, our several trade names carried today have become well established and well known at our Indonesia and overseas market. Today, New Universal has involved in trade relationship with all over Asia for products as varied as glutinous rice, sugar, wheat flour, peanuts, yellow maize, salt, rock phosphate, fertilizers, tapioca starch, several kinds of agricultural products, latex and fisheries products. We have built a strong network partners and associates in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Australia, Turkey and Egypt. In fulfilling the higher market demand and more competitive market, we established our Singapore office as International Branch Office and Central Marketing Unit since 2006 due to the (Singapore) country credibility among the Asian country as well as smooth banking transaction with all banks around the world, strong legal support, convenience shipment arrangements which can ease New Universal to expand the network sourcing.