Ningbo Qrunning Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Qrunning(KUKUN) Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the leading cable, wire and conductor manufacturer and exporter in China. Our main products are: (1) ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ABC(Aerial Bundle Cable) (2) XLPE insulated high voltage power cable with rated voltage up to 500kV (3) XLPE insulated medium voltage power cable with rated voltage from 6/6 to 26/35kV (4) XLPE or PVC insulated low voltage power cable with rated voltage of 0.6/1kV (5) Electrical wires and cables for building, lighting, controlling, etc. (6) Surface cable, Control cable, Network cable, ACSR/AW, ACAR, ACS,Bare copper conductor With 7 subsidiary wire and cable factories, a science and technology development center and an oversea sales department, our current turnover is over USD400,000,000. And we can supply cable, wire and conductor according to different requirements from customers. Beside the sales network in most provinces in China, our products are also exported to the USA, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Estonia, Iraq, Iran, Republic of Yemen, South Africa, Angola, Rwanda, Mauritania, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Philippine and Myanmar. Following a new globalization strategy, we will do our utmost to be innovative and build up an internationally famous brand.