Nantong Mingnuo Machinery Tools Co., Ltd.

As an environmental facility manufacturing enterprise with the integration of production, scientific research and sale, Nantong Mingnuo Machinery Tools Co., Ltd was founded in 1988. After 20 years' development, our company finally changed our production from ash bins, ash houses and other primary environmental facilities to sweeping machines, sweepers and other senior facilities. We take autonomic innovation and energy-saving and environmental protection to realize the sustainable development. Thus we can maintain our advantage in the severe competitive environmental market. Mingnuo takes people as the foremost and insists on attracting, cultivating and respecting talents. With talents as acceleration, clients as a fulcrum and quality as brand, we constantly research and produce new environmental protection facilities, provide better service and promote the development of our corporation. Today, Mingnuo endlessly innovate independently, apply advanced management mode, stick to "Customer supreme, service first" and make our contribution to Chinese energy-saving and environment protection.